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Higher and higher rotation. A limited edition version of the GT. By using a carbon blend for the base plate and disc plate, and titanium for the mounting screws, we have achieved greater rigidity and weight reduction, and further improved response. By making the board easier to bend, it is possible to achieve higher and higher rotation.

Flex: medium

size: S / M / L


Flux GT-LTD black



• Wing:

Adopted a large wing that efficiently transmits the power generated during press and ollie to the board. It is also lightweight.

Super Tough Nylon:

Medium flex material for all rounds from low speed to high speed, from beginner to expert.

Micro Adjuster:

If you move it forward by 1 memory, it will tilt forward about 2.5 degrees. Finer highback setting is possible.


• Ultima:

It is lightweight and boasts a quick edge-to edge response while using the flex of the board.

Super Carbon Blend:

Special carbon is blended with domestic virgin nylon. Board control at a high level is possible with materials that seek lightness and strength to the limit.

Toolless Lever:

The best setting is possible without tools. With a stopper to prevent loosening of screws.

Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion:

Movable cushion that can be adjusted according to the boot size and board width.

Custom Stabilizers:

By installing it, you can change the contact area with the base, and you can customize the board feeling you like.


Uses a material that does not easily get snow even in hard conditions. While enjoying the direct feeling of the sole, it also has the cushioning required for riding.


• Waffle Strap:

 A two-layer structure consisting of a waffle cushion that is comfortable to hold and easy to move so that you will forget that you are wearing it, and a Power Strap that directly transmits power.

Beer Buckle:

Newly designed ratchet buckle. With a bottle opener function that does not bother you when toasting.

FTM VER.5.0:

In order to increase the transmission of power, the center line is strengthened, and the upper and lower ends are made more flexible to enhance the fit with the boots.


The belt can be stored smoothly to avoid getting caught in the snow during toeside turns.

UU Fit:

The strap system that wrap from 360°realizes a natural hold feeling and uniform pressure.

Multi Disc:

A multi-disc that can be attached to either 4x4 or 2H. It is also possible to install with a 5mm or 10mm shift in the front and back or left and right.

Toolless Lever:

The best setting is possible without tools. Comes with a stopper to prevent screws from loosening.

Titanium Screw:

A mounting screw that achieves 50% weight reduction and further strength by compounding titanium alloy.

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